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Tomé-açu's CAMTA provides a stable supply of only ingredients obtained through a consistent process spanning from growing to production and shipment.

CAMTA as a supplier

CAMTA as a supplier

As a pioneer of Amazon fruits, FRUTAFRUTA provides a stable supply of only ingredients consistently managed from growing to production and shipment in order to deliver high-quality products to customers. This is made possible by CAMTA (Cooperativa Agrícola Mista de Tomé-açu), which is a cooperative centered on ethnic Japanese members who migrated to Tomé-açu. CAMTA excels at intricate tasks that are suited to Japanese, and is the only producer in the Amazon that handles the entire production process from growing to processing. CAMTA has signed an exclusive agreement with FRUTAFRUTA to deliver Amazon fruits produced through Agroforestry based on the concept of "Stay sustainable! Go along with biodiversity."

Building Forests through Agriculture
CAMTA producers

CAMTA has constantly indicated the direction of agriculture in Tomé-açu, providing an essential earning function for the development of Agroforestry in Tomé-açu.
Tomé-açu was the destination of the first Japanese migrants to the Amazon in 1929. CAMTA began activities in 1931 as an agricultural cooperative for ethnic Japanese farmers, and was officially established as an industrial union in 1949. At present, there are over 200 members and the organization oversees members conducting agriculture using Agroforestry methods, while owning a juicing factory for processing the fruit produced by members.
It is no overstatement to say that Amazon fruits such as açaí would not have become widely known if they did not establish the factory, and the organization has truly established a position as a pioneer of Amazon fruits.

FRUTAFRUTA is the main Japanese distributor for CAMTA

FRUTAFRUTA and CAMTA are the exclusive distributors of CAMTA in Japan, and are sole partners in the development of the Amazon fruit market.

FRUTAFRUTA and CAMTA Amazon photogallerly camta

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