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FRUTA FRUTA's Vision for Agroforestry Marketing Practice of Green Economy

Marketing Built on Diversity

Marketing Built on Diversity

FRUTA FRUTA is, through alliance with companies in other fields, in practice of an attempt to contribute to increase the productivity of natural capital by the power of economy. Using a variety of Agroforestry products in a good balance helps maintain the ecosystem and increase market demand. By increasing consumption of Agroforestry products, profits will be returned locally and, as a result, this will bring forth a virtuous cycle that will rebuild and expand forests.

Division of Labor in the Agroforestry Alliance

In their drive for efficiency, many companies tend to lean toward single industries and focus on homogeneous products, and as a result, their raw materials have been invariably produced on monoculture plantations. Agroforestry, on the other hand, is built on diversity. To balance both consumption and maintenance of these diverse resources, FRUTA FRUTA is beginning to test the concept of dividing the work among companies across other fields.

Good for Business, Good for Biodiversity

How raw materials from Agroforestry can benefit business

1.Simple to commoditize

Agroforestry products can be commoditized simply by blending or
replacing the raw materials in existing products with those from Agroforestry.

2.Direct, proactive CSR

Using raw materials from Agroforestry in existing products enables companies to tie their core businesses directly into their CSR activities. Because a company's contribution to the environment increases as it sells more product, the pursuit of profitability actually leads to an even more proactive CSR effort.

3. Quantifying environmental contributions

Today, Agroforestry in Tomé-açu is said to cover as much as 7,000ha, and it has been calculated that the greenhouse gases locked up by the taller tree species are as much as 5,3185 tons annually (FRUTA FRUTA research). The amount of CO2 captured per product can thus be determined by dividing this number by the annual volume of raw materials produced.

Establishing a Green Economy certification system
here are a vast number of certifications related to the ecology and ethical business around the world, with new ones created every day. At Fruta Fruta, however, we believe that many of these share the principles of a green economy, and our hope is that out of these, a common "Green Economy Certification" will be brought forth. We also believe that companies can benefit from displaying the Green Economy Certified mark on products that use raw materials from Agroforestry.
Green Economy

*The above logos are our proprietary designs, intended for use temporarily until a third party Green Economy certification system is developed.

Agroforestry as a Means to Eradicate Poverty

Expanding Agroforestry through technical advice to small farms

By encouraging use of Agroforestry resources by like-minded companies around the globe, we believe that demand will possibly exceed what the Amazon alone can supply, enabling the globalization of Agroforestry production. With this in mind, and with the full cooperation of CAMTA, FRUTA FRUTA has begun its BOP Cacao Project, aiming to introduce sustainably-produced cacao--a key Agroforestry crop and a product for which there is a big market around the world, to ecologically and socially conscious major companies.
To match up the demand being arose, CAMTA will focus on promoting Agroforestry among small-scale farmers, while FRUTA FRUTA will work from the market side to support sustainable economic activity at the bottom level.

Thus, commercial Agroforestry will be expanded by economic demand from the Northern Hemisphere market, which will encourage the Southern Hemisphere's production of sustainable cultivation, turning devastated areas into forest-like farmland.
This is an ideal way in which natural capital will be recovered through commercial Agroforestry as a mechanism of"Green economy."

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