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Building Forests through Agriculture Agroforestry
Agriculture that co-exists with nature born in the Amazon.
Natural environments destroyed by man should be restored by man.
This is an important theme for FRUTAFRUTA.
Agroforestry seen in video

Educational video on Agroforestry by JICA. (Digest version: Approx. 6 minutes)

The original version (Approx. 25 minutes) can be viewed at the JICA-net library. オリジナルバージョン


What is Agroforestry?
Amazon forests are being lost

In Tomé-açu, approximately 7,000 ha of blighted land was restored. This is equivalent to 1,500 times the size of the Tokyo Dome, and is said to absorb 45,000 tons of CO2 per year. (Survey by FRUTAFRUTA)

Tomé-açu Method The Amazon Forest growing through Agroforestry 次

The Agroforestry of Tomé-açu produces resources such as FRUTAFRUTA's Amazon fruit, spices such as pepper, rubber and mahogany. Providing a wide variety plants protects the diversity of nature and enables sustainable agriculture.

FRUTAFRUTA is conducting marketing activities utilizing the diversity of Agroforestry. As economic activities develop, profits are returned to Agroforestry, contributing to the regeneration of the "forest". Natural environments destroyed by man should be restored by man. This is an important theme for FRUTAFRUTA, and Agroforestry is an ethical means of agriculture that is a positive for people's health and the global environment.

Tomé-açu Style Agroforestry
The History of Tomé-açu

CAMTA - FRUTAFRUTA's Encounter with Agroforestry -

FRUTAFRUTA began when it encountered with this Agroforestry.

Charmed by the passion and diligence of the Japanese immigrants engaged in Agroforestry through trial and error with numerous crops amid difficult conditions, FRUTAFRUTA directly imports the fruit ingredients and other types of ingredients produced through Agroforestry from CAMTA (Cooperativa Agrícola Mista de Tomé-açu), which is the local agricultural cooperative, in order to support the development of their Agroforestry. The link to CAMTA is an essential bond for FRUTAFRUTA.


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