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Reliable quality from production to delivery Focus on Products
It is our job to deliver "peace of mind".
FRUTAFRUTA focuses on all aspects from raw materials to delivery
when delivering products to customers in order to provide
customers with peace of mind when using products for their
health and beauty.

Amazon Fruit Ingredients

Amazon Fruit
10 types of fruit packed with flavor and nutrition
Amazon fruits are fruits that have tens of times the nutritional value of other fruits. The reason for this is the harsh environment. The Amazon fruits that grow in the harsh climate of the Amazon store antioxidants and nutrients to combat activated oxygen in a battle for survival. Because of this, they have a very high level of nutrients.

High-concentration açaí
The açaí imported by FRUTAFRUTA is certified by the Brazilian Ministry of Agriculture as açaí of the highest concentration. As the only distributor in Asia, we safely and reliably import these from CAMTA, the Amazon's top fruit producer.

Product Manufacturing Process

FRUTAFRUTA utilizes the following process to produce its products.

Growing fruit
Amazon fruits are grown in the rich expanse of the Amazon using techniques such as Agroforestry. A wide range of trees spanning from low trees to palms towering 25m overhead are grown.

Centralizing management from picking to juicing, freezing and shipping
Fruit is screened, washed, flash pasteurized and packed in the CAMTA factory within 24 hours of being harvested. By handling all aspects from growing to shipping, CAMTA is able to ensure traceability. All fruit to Japan is transported while frozen in a purée state.

Processing in Japan
After the purée is imported to Japan, it is all processed into ingredients or products in Japan.
●As industrial ingredients
  Freeze drying, spray drying, extract processing, etc.
●As the FRUTAFRUTA brand
  Processing into food and beverages

To customers' tables
In an effort to prevent harming the flavor, distribution is conducted at the optimal temperature. We deliver our products to customers through a wide range of channels spanning from industrial ingredients for large companies to sales to ordinary supermarkets and convenience stores, and mail order sales.

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