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What's Acai
Since ancient times, the berries of the Açaí plant have been prized by the people of the Amazon as a delicious

Açaí is a specie of palm. Slightly larger than a blueberry and purple-black in color, Açaí has a simple and discreet flavor, not sour and not sweet.
Harvesters climb 20 meters up the tall, slender Açaí trunk to pick the fruit.
They are so perishable that pulp has to be squeezed fresh, within 24 hours, or else it will soon be fermented end up changing its nutritional value.

Because of its super high nutritional value, Açaí has been called a ”Superfruit” and "Superfood" , and has become extremely popular in Japan and other countries.

What's Acai
What's Acai
What's Acai
What's Acai
Superfoods are considered very good for your health and that may even improve some medical conditions. They are generally recognized that contain high levels of vitamins and minerals like supplements. And also they can be a source of antioxidants.
Superfoods include a variety of foods such as Açaí, Goji Berries, Cacao, Chia Seeds, Maca, Hemp Seeds, Coconut, Quinoa, Flax seeds, Cumcum, Spirulina... and so on. Among them, Açaí is a one of the most remarkable presence.
What's Acai
FRUTA FRUTA uses “grosso ” Açaí pulp(puree) which means a top grade containing the highest Açaí solids
The Department of Agriculture of Brazil categorizes Açaí into three grades based on their solids ratio.
FRUTA FRUTA only uses grosso, the highest grade.

What's Acai

*Medio as 100%
*Based on solids ratio data from the Department of Agriculture, Brazil.
What's Acai
FRUTA FRUTA is an exclusive Japanese distributor for Tomé-açu Comprehensive Agricultural Cooperatives
(CAMTA) whose owners are of Japanese ancestry. Its JAS certified factory was established
by Japanese-Brazilians and is guaranteed to provide safe and high quality Açaí.
What's Acai
What's Acai
We import only Açaí frozen pulp to maintain freshness. All products are formulated and processed in Japan.

To maintain the high quality of Açaí, which quickly oxidizes, FRUTA FRUTA imports the frozen fruit directly.
Processing into juice and freeze-dried powder, as well as production and management, are conducted in Japan,
so the freshness and quality of the product are far superior to products imported from overseas.
What's Acai
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